Users have gradually become more comfortable watching video ads online. The result is an explosion of digital videos and commercials, and Forbes predicted that 2016 will bring the greatest growth yet in online video ads.

There are many ways to capitalize on this, and as a digital marketer, you must make sure that video assumes a growing priority in your overall campaigns. Below are ways to use it online.

Viral Content

Thinking of creative ways to spread your branding can pay dividends. Old Spice knows that its customers, primarily young men, spend increasing amounts of time online. To keep its product front and center, it created funny, relevant content for them. To see other examples of the many kinds of viral content, look here.

Celebrity/Influencer Content

H&M has used soccer legend David Beckham in creating short films featuring its products. This year, the retail-clothing company added actor-producer Kevin Hart and created a video that’s funny and entertaining. Such content pays long-term dividends by aligning your brand with a respected celebrity and giving customers something to watch repeatedly and share on social media. This added reach can develop new customers and hold their attention longer than a normal commercial does.


It’s become common for brands to release content online in conjunction with its television premiere. Digital allows a normal commercial to double, sometimes triple, the number of viewers reached. The on-demand economy allows viewers to search a brand and see its most recent commercial among the top results. Television is limiting since once it’s viewed, a potential customer might not see it again. Digital solves that.