If you’re the marketer for a large company or perhaps the owner of a small-to-medium business (SMB), you’ve probably considered using video in your marketing strategy. But when is the best time to start?

Right now!

There are many factors to consider, especially cost. Be aware of that and of your return on investment. Before moving forward, set clear goals and determine how you think the video should perform.

Seventy-six and one-half percent of marketers and SMB owners have said that video has had a direct impact on their business. Executed correctly, videos can be powerful marketing tools that pay off for months and even years.

Often, videos are used to launch a product, so video marketing starts before the company is up and running. At other times, videos are so iconic that they are easily recognized as they begin. An example is this one in which Apple introduces the iPad Pro:

Why are companies investing so much in video marketing? If you aren’t producing videos that reflect your brand or showcase your products, you’re not part of an important marketing channel across the internet and on television. According to marketers, video produces these benefits:

Benefits of Video Ads

Whether you’re a large company or an SMB, chances are that you’re trying to improve in one of these areas.

Here are additional statistics to keep in mind when deciding whether to start creating video for your marketing campaigns:

The case for creating videos immediately for your customers is very strong. Videos need not be outrageously expensive, especially when you’re starting. Begin by recording them on your phone or livestreaming on Facebook. As your customer base grows and you invest more time and money on videos, make high-quality, consumable digital ones.

The type you create will depend on several things, including who your customer is, where the video will be shared and its purpose. Twice Media Productions has created video for many companies no matter the size of their budgets.

If you want to start incorporating video in your marketing strategy, get in touch with us so we can help.