Welcome back. Let’s connect everything discussed over the last few weeks. We’ve talked about Instagram Stories, using multimedia applications to speak to your audience and the iPhone 7’s ability to help with your digital content creation. All of this involves digital marketing and its relationship to the growth of mobile video.

When people cite “digital marketing,” they’re using it as an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies on the internet, mobile phones and any other digital medium.

Did you know that internet ad revenue hit $60 billion in 2015, mobile ad revenue grew by more than 66 percent but desktop was up just 5 percent?

Determining how to market yourself to an audience that can mute video ads, use ad-blocking software and be easily irritated by brands interrupting their viewing can be tricky.

Brands are making room for multimedia mobile applications such as Instagram and Snapchat in their digital marketing budgets because they offer tools to engage your audience in a way that isn’t necessarily bothersome.

You can still reach an audience by developing authentic, useful and non-intrusive content while leaving control in your viewers’ hands. Short video that evokes emotion is a great way to do that. Jot down these three things to remember when planning a mobile video campaign as part of your digital marketing scheme:

  1. Know HOW your audience is consuming content. You might be uploading your content via a desktop or laptop, but chances are your audience consumes it through a mobile device. Make sure your content is optimized for mobile viewing. That means no black bars on either side of your video, full-screen viewing and shorter video.
  2. Know WHERE your audience is consuming content. Is your audience most engaged on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or something you haven’t even heard of yet? Do the research because knowing this will help you determine what your mobile video must look like.
  3. Create short videos that engage or teach your audience. We’re all inundated with information and, frankly, online ads annoy people. Repackage your digital marketing as a learning opportunity, an engaging story or a chance to have some fun!