As popular as digital marketing is, it’s also a term characterized by misleading definitions and jargon. We want to make sure that you’re not neglecting core strategies and channels that have propelled your firm’s success because you’re too busy looking for the next big thing.

Defining digital marketing

Digital marketing is interactive marketing using digital technologies to reach and retain customers. Digital encompasses various channels, including your company’s website, mobile media, social media platforms and banner advertising.

Company Website

Your website is the key to introducing your company or brand to the world and to establishing a presence on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. All other channels work most effectively when they drive traffic to your website where you not only tell your story but also close the sales cycle by converting prospects into clients. A mobile-compatible version of your website ensures that customers can interact easily with your site using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Video/Banner Ads

Videos are great tools to enhance your brand with effective and memorable communications. Visual content is one of the fastest growing channels on the Internet. A video ad or banner ad hosted for a fee on a partner website is another effective means of driving customers back to your website. In telling your story visually, a custom video can market your brand subliminally to potential customers.

Social Media

These are among the most important and cost-effective digital channels that a brand can leverage. Creating a business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube can stimulate interest, engagement and leads because these channels have vast exposure.

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