Think about how you want clients and customers to view your company or brand. The process usually begins with a narrative that forms public perception of your brand from Day One.

For instance, when I mention “Apple” as a company, you probably think about the iPhone, Steve Jobs or quality products. That’s because the general public’s experience with Apple products is largely positive. From the time Apple launches a new product until a customer stops using it, the company control its story completely.

With a video that introduces your product or service to a potential client, it’s important that the customer knows your signature story. Consider these tips when thinking about your company’s story and the best ways to tell it on video:

  • Be Authentic — Consumers are very adept at knowing when someone is lying to them. So focus on the compelling and authentic parts of your company. Avoid making outrageous claims.
  • Be Generous — What will you give customers that they can’t get anywhere else? Perhaps yours is a popular product that you can sell less expensively than anyone else, or maybe you have a skill difficult to find in someone else. Highlight your competitive advantage in your company story.
  • Be Consistent — Once you’ve determined your story, be sure to tell it the same way to all audiences. If your story changes, people are less likely to view you as authentic. Don’t tell one story in your printed material and another on social media. You can adjust how you tell the story on different platforms, but the story should stay the same.

Twice Media Productions has worked with corporate clients for years, helping them to craft a signature story and translate it to video for their customers. If you need a consultation on your company’s story, contact us. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process.