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Mobile Media Workshops

Mobile Video Training

Your smartphone or tablet can shoot beautiful videos. If the images you’re creating aren’t beautiful, then it’s probably not the mobile device’s fault. Our mobile video training workshops help your team learn to shoot professional-looking videos and photos from your mobile devices so you can stay relevant online and constantly produce visual content. By increasing your visual presence, you will attract more prospective clients.

Take a look at some of the mobile video training workshops we offer.

The MVP Workshop – Mobile Video & Photo

Our most popular class introduces your team to the many tools and applications that can enhance the quality of your mobile photos and videos. You will learn top professional photography and video production secrets, as well as receive the latest hands-on mobile video training. (8 Hours)

The MVP Workshop Accelerated – Mobile Video & Photo

This is part two to our popular MVP Workshop. This course will take your basic mobile video and photo training to the next level! You will put your new skills to use by shooting your very own professional-quality mobile video project. (8 Hours)

Mobile Video Editing

Already know how to shoot videos on your mobile devices? This class is designed to help you learn to edit in iMovie’s mobile application. You receive hands-on training and will leave knowing how to edit your videos instantly post them online. (4 hours)

Mobile Media Training
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Other courses powered by Twice Media Productions

At Twice Media Productions, we offer social, mobile, and digital media training to help colleges and universities, businesses, and newsrooms across the country stay up-to-date on the ever-changing world of technology. Here’s a look at some of our other workshop topics:

Mobile Media

An overview of useful mobile applications that can make running a business much easier.

Mobile Media Must-Haves

is a fun, interactive course that teaches business owners how to use mobile apps to grow their businesses. Did you know you can scan documents, transcribe voice messages, and schedule social media posts all from your iPhone or iPad? Participants will learn these skills and more so they can automate everyday tasks and run their businesses more efficiently. (2 Hours)

Social Media

The basics of how to use social media, what it is, and how it can help your business gain visibility and expand your marketing efforts.

Social Media Basics

will teach you what the heck hashtag and all those other social media terms mean. You will also learn about popular business social media apps, what they are, and how they can help your business gain visibility. (2 Hours)

Social Media Accelerated

is part two to our Social Media Basics class. Here, you will go one step further by learning how to put your new social media knowledge to effective use. We cover how you can optimize your social media accounts to expand your marketing efforts. (2 Hours)

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mobile video and edit training workshops

Video Marketing

A look at how video can help elevate your brand to the next level on- and offline.

Video Marketing Basics

Video can help businesses connect with customers and improve SEO, and it’s more memorable than just words. In this session you will discover the nuts and bolts of how you can effectively use video to improve your brand’s marketing efforts. Find out what to post, how often to post it, when to do it yourself vs. hiring a professional and more!

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