Twice Tips host Tiffany L. Williams continues our Small Business Summer Marketing Series by discussing video. Throughout September, she shares how effective video is for enhancing your current marketing strategy.

Why use video? It increases your company or brand visibility and reach, and it expands your business. Here are examples of videos you can apply now to your marketing mix:

1. Behind the Scenes. This type takes clients and prospective clients on a virtual tour of your place of business for an insider look at your operations. It adds a personal touch to your brand. Watch how Inspire Texas, formerly Region 4 Alternative Certification Program, uses video in its rebranding campaign to illustrate its mission. Students from client school districts are featured.

2. Anniversary / Milestone. Video can be used as a branding tool to showcase how well your business is doing and what your brand has to offer. Think of this as a “success story” video for your brand. Click here to view how Twice Media Productions (TMP) uses video to celebrate an important milestone — its third anniversary!

3. Client Testimonial. This is another indirect way of selling your business to potential clients. Current clients provide brief statements on their experience working with you. This speaks volumes. Watch Stephanie Acker’s story of how she came to work with Inspire Texas.

4. Event Coverage. Video footage of an event or fundraiser is an excellent way to promote upcoming events by depicting how well a past event succeeded. Watch TMP document the success of the Golf Classic and Silent Auction run by the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance.

5. President / CEO. Messages from a company’s top representative build audience trust and loyalty and enhances your brand’s credibility. You can use similar videos to communicate company information to current employees. Wells Fargo markets a popular program with this video featuring the CEO of the Houston Area Urban League.

6. Product or Service Demo. Surveys indicate that consumers are 85 percent more likely to do business with a company that provides a demonstration of a product or service before purchase. Mandos Software provides a thorough introduction to the company and its product offerings on this video demo.

Always remember that every marketing or promotional effort has one goal — to build trust with prospects and induce them to do business with you. Integrating video with your current marketing tactics has been proven to engage and build relationships with customers.

Feel free to email Tiffany at Twice Media Productions with any questions you may have about visual content and video marketing.