Have you received a LinkedIn invitation and been put off by the headshot? Seen a marketing or promotional flyer and been visually overwhelmed by its content?

Here are three best practices on selecting the right visuals and images for your marketing campaigns:

Digital Internet Images — Whether branding yourself or your business on LinkedIn or Twitter, present your best face to the world. A professional headshot, not a “selfie,” is best. You can’t control who views your profiles or images. Remember, Google Images attaches to your business or online content. So use images that best represent you and your brand.

Print Collateral — Too many visuals often clutter the accompanying copy, and your message can be lost in the mess. For the greatest impact, choose one or two high-quality images to display on your flier or poster. Choose a high-resolution image over those not truly suitable for print. Pixelated images and stretched graphics are no-nos.

Electronic Marketing/E-Newsletters — Multiple graphics are fine in this format, but clean lines and a defined template help to give your brand a more refined look. Using an email marketing service such as Constant Contact ensures consistency in how your electronic marketing material is displayed across multiple platforms and devices.

Take time to invest in the best tools to make your marketing pop. Use high-quality visual content to achieve desired results. You’ll thank us later! If you need additional help, contact Twice Media Productions for a free initial consultation.