October’s Twice Tips blog continues with Tiffany exploring new applications available to help business owners conquer their inboxes. Rapportive is a free Google Chrome extension that links to your Gmail account and replaces ads with useful information about your professional contacts.

If you’re a business owner who relies heavily on email to execute business tasks, Rapportive will help to illuminate important information in your inbox and improve communication with key contacts.

Rapportive allows you to see where your inbox contacts work, their titles and mutual connections. It gives you an inside track, affording an opportunity to learn more about people before meeting them in person.

This isn’t meant to replace building rapport with someone in person, just a way to research someone before the initial meeting.

Rapportive also shows social network updates and locations of your contacts for impromptu discussions while you work remotely.

Rapportive is supported only on Mac OS, Windows and a few other platforms. To install the extension, click here.

Email Tiffany with any questions about using Rapportive.