Developers have created so many new social media vehicles and applications recently that staying current on what’s fresh, new and hot is often difficult.

Many brands are hopping on to visually-driven social sites such as Instagram, Vine and Snapchat.

When Instagram, now owned by Facebook, quickly gained traction in 2014 as the newest, most popular platform, other brands quickly followed in an attempt to become the market leader. As of last December, Digital Marketing Ramblings reports, Instagram had 300 million active, monthly users. Other brands are well aware that this social media forum, pivotal in reaching consumers, is not fading soon.

Snapchat, which is newest of the three, essentially performs the same function as Instagram — sharing images and video with followers on visual content platforms.

Snapchat generates fun and “playful messages that look more informal,” as Seth Fiegerman wrote for Mashable last July. Young people have embraced this platform, and major brands such as Taco Bell, HBO and GrubHub have increased their relevancy to followers on Snapchat.

Vine is used to create more polished video with content no longer than six seconds in length. A Nike campaign on Vine was spot-on in reaching soccer fanatics during the 2014 World Cup.

Smart brands embrace these mediums in lieu of spending thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on television or radio to reach engaged consumers. Brilliant, eh? These brands are very grassroots and attractive to viewers.

Instagram is the top medium for producing flashy, glossy images and videos for products that can be “fetishized,” Ian Schafer, CEO and founder of Deep Focus, a digital agency, told Fiegerman. “These tend to be more high-end products like Lexus cars, Beats headphones and Burberry outfits,” Fiegerman wrote.

No matter the visual medium you use, remember that it must be authentic, engaging and evocative. Which will you choose to promote your brand?