Now that you have a firm grasp of how to make a great corporate video and of major mistakes to avoid, it’s time to discuss distributing your video for maximum exposure. Here are the best ways to do that and to get the most out of each channel:

  • YouTube — Putting your video on YouTube might seem obvious, but we can’t tell you that often enough. This is where the audience is. Being heard through the noise on YouTube can be difficult. But if you create a compelling headline, write a detailed description and use relevant tags for SEO purposes, your video can be found much more easily. SEO gets a boost, too, because YouTube’s owner is Google.
  • Social Media — When your video is uploaded to YouTube, share it across all your social media channels. If you have an Instagram account, cut a shorter video from the full- length version or create a teaser photo to direct viewers to the longer video. This unique way engages your audience and attracts new followers.
  • Email — Sharing your video with your email list is a great way to keep customers updated on new product or service offerings and to let them know news about your company. Include a link to your video, but be sure it’s not going directly to YouTube where viewers are too easily distracted. Instead, embed the YouTube video on a specific landing page with additional information. You can use a service such as Unbounce to set up that page easily.

Remember these ideas when planning your distribution strategy. If you’ve put a lot of time and money into creating a great video, you’ll want to make sure the people for whom you made it can find it easily.

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