In the past two weeks, we’ve discussed how to open and close a corporate video, and to hold the viewer’s attention. This week, we focus on common mistakes during the production cycle of a video. Below are examples, and if you avoid these, your videos will be so much more effective.

  • Too Long — It’s been said that “time is money.” This is especially true when you’re fighting for the attention of clients or customers. If you want them to watch your entire video, be aware of how much time you’re asking them to commit. People are far more likely to watch an entire video if it’s about one minute long. Beyond two minutes, you start to lose viewers.
  • Too Much Information — Make just three to five basic points. Give viewers too much information, and they’re far less likely to remember anything. Focus on what’s most important.
  • Poor Sound / Lighting — Not thinking about these is a common mistake. If the sound is of low quality, your audience may have difficulty hearing your message. It’s also a sign of an unprofessional video. Be sure to plan the lighting. A poorly lighted video could have a reduced impact.
  • No Call To Action — A video should have a purpose or inspire the viewer to take an action. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t ask for anything at the end of their corporate videos. In closing, be clear about actions you want the audience to take. It could be as simple as “Sign up to receive a newsletter” or “Call us to schedule an appointment.”