Twitter and social media are necessary parts of a brand’s digital identity. Whether you offer inspiring quotes, links to interesting content or videos that your consumers find fascinating, Twitter is the best place to reach busy followers consistently and attract more customers.

Video is by far the most engaging content you can share on Twitter and the most natural way to tell a story as fast as possible. Text is not consumed as quickly. Twitter recently added many features to improve viewing mobile video.

On a desktop, clicking on a video initiates play. But a video uploaded on mobile starts automatically in the user’s timeline. This improves mobile viewing numbers and helps your tweet leap off the screen before others drown it out.

Look at ESPN’s Twitter feed, which captures sports highlights and shares them in moments. Being able to react to what’s happening in real time is one of the best ways to drive strong engagement. You can see that likes and retweets of video tweets occur significantly more often than with other forms of media.

Engagement is the key metric to track when adding video to your campaign. Here are a few types of video you can use in a tweet of 30 seconds or less:

  • Breaking news — footage, sports highlights, current events
  • Interviews — celebrities, athletes, thought leaders, company executives
  • Showcase — new product lines, behind the scenes
  • Educational — how-to, informative