Podcast Topic: “Finding Your Fit”

Houston, Texas | Oct. 16, 2015 — Shell Oil Company is hosting a live podcast during the National Minority Supplier Development Council’s Annual Conference + Business Opportunity Exchange. The event will be held Oct. 18-21 in San Diego, Calif.

Twice Media Productions is participating and will produce the podcast from conference booth No. 1023 at 10 a.m. on Oct. 19. To access the broadcast, visit www.shell.us/getconnected. The podcast will explore “Finding Your Fit” as a prospective vendor doing business with the Shell organization.

“On the broadcast, I will discuss how Twice Media has found its fit within the Shell pipeline, what NMSDC membership has done for us and how we make the most of our visits to expos like this one.” — Tiffany Williams, brand manager, Twice Media Productions

Other topics on the podcast will include breaking barriers, capacity building and expanding business growth within the organization.

For more information, visit http://shell.us/getconnected or reference the hashtag #FindYourFit on social media networking sites. If you would like more information about this release, please contact Tiffany Williams of Twice Media Productions at 832-390-0559 or email her at info@twicemediaproductions.com.

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About Shell Oil Company

Shell is a leading oil and gas producer in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico, a recognized pioneer in oil and gas exploration and production technology, and one of America’s leading oil and natural gas producers, gasoline and natural gas marketers, and petrochemical manufacturers.