Enhancing email campaigns with video is simple. You can add video from YouTube, Vimeo or PointAcross in quick, easy steps by using Constant Contact.

First, you need the video link and a clickable image that will take the user from the email to the video. This image can be a screenshot, a chart or anything relevant to the video. Constant Contact makes it very easy to add a play button over the image to indicate that a video awaits. For a detailed guide to adding video to a Constant Contact email, visit this support website.

When you know how to proceed, determine the kind of content to which you will link. Ask yourself:

  • What is my campaign’s objective? — Make sure users know exactly what you’re trying to do. Want them to purchase a product, complete a survey, give feedback? The video must align with your campaign goals.
  • What image should link to the video? — It should be eye-grabbing and compelling, and the play button will make the link clear. Consider images such as data charts, a coupon or anything relevant to the user. Often, you can use a screenshot of an important part of the video.

Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that simplifies adding video to email. Its frequently-asked-questions feature answers almost any question you might have. You can also contact info@twicemediaproductions.com if you’re interested in setting up an account.