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Meet the #TwiceTeam Management

Tiffany Williams

Tiffany L. Williams

CEO & Creative Director


Tiffany serves as our CEO and creative director. She manages the overall direction of the company, makes key decisions on the companys behalf, and serves as creative director for all video marketing and production projects.

Tiffany brings a wealth of knowledge and familiarity within the technology and digital marketing fields. She began working as a media trainer for the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute in Nashville, Tenn., in 2009, where she taught the basics of photography, audio and video production.

Since then, Tiffany continues to work with the Freedom Forum (now the Newseum Institute) as well as a host of other clients, including Shell, Wells Fargo, Houston Airport System and the Houston Area Urban League. She also currently teaches video production at Prairie View A&M University. Williams received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Tennessee State University and her Master of Arts in Journalism and Documentary filmmaking from Michigan State University.

Twice team - Nyla

Nyla Spooner

Operations Manager


Nyla Spooner works as the operations manager and special projects coordinator for Twice Media Productions. Her primary role is to help execute day-to-day operations of the company and serves as project manager for all client projects. She also handles all project logistics and coordinates videographer schedules.

Nyla will complete her Masters Degree in Human Resource Development in December of 2016. She has extensive experience as a human resource development professional and office manager and has worked in a variety of fields from retail to video production.

When she isn’t working or learning, Nyla enjoys writing for her blog, ShortandTailor.

Twice Team - Sean

Sean B. Simmons

Video Production Manager


Sean is our video production manager. He works closely with all our videographers and editors to ensure your vision is brought to life. He has a passion for video production and specializes in post-production as an editor.

Sean has worked on a variety of projects ranging from film, broadcast, music videos and commercials to webisodes and live events. His most notable production credits include working with Americas Got Talent (NBC), NBA Legends Red Carpet Soriée (HTV), Karaoke Battle USA (ABC), Master of the Mix (BET), and Family Feud (CW).

With a passion for storytelling and continuously honing his craft, Sean adopted Visual FX Editing and has grown as a Colorist. A feature length film entitled, “Forgive + Forget” that he recently worked on will be premiered at the 2015 New Orleans Film Festival. For that project he did the editing, visual fx, and color grading for the film.

He grew up in Houston, TX and received a Bachelor of Science in Communication, with a concentration in television production, from Morgan State University. Being a former collegiate athlete, Sean will always have a passion for the gridiron. In between projects, he enjoys working out and spending quality time with family and friends.

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