Video can be a very powerful marketing medium for many reasons. It’s incredibly engaging, easy to consume and versatile. For the cost of producing just one video, you could turn the same content into five or more different stand-alone videos for your marketing needs.

Let’s say you hire a video company to capture your hour-long presentation. While there, they also capture some audience reaction and a few client testimonials.

Now you have content. Here are a few ways you can customize it for other channels and customers:

Social Media Promos

Video is ultra-important for your social media campaigns. Social is primarily consumed on mobile whose users are 27.4 times more likely to click through a video ad than a banner ad. Video also means that potential customers can view and share your content.

But that won’t necessarily happen with an hour-long instructional video. You can cut that video content into a 60-second promo video. Throw in shots of you presenting, the audience reaction, typography, testimonials and a call-to-action at the end. Make it fast-paced and upbeat.

And, remember to keep it short. “Quick and to the point” is the name of the social media game.

During Super Bowl LI in February, a six-second Dunkin’ Donuts video attracted millions of views in a short time. That’s brand exposure you can’t buy these days. This is what Dunkin’ did:

This won’t work for all types of video, but the concepts will. Remember: short and to the point, with quick cuts, text when needed and, if possible, closed captioning for those who want to watch but can’t play the sound.

Series or Learning Modules

In addition to a 60-second promo, you can also break your hour-long video into shorter 5-to-10- minute ones and release them simultaneously or in steps over a certain number of days or weeks. This is a great way to bring users back to your website to see the next section of the video. You can also put them on YouTube as a playlist so they can be accessed easily in the correct order.

If the content is truly compelling, you can monetize it by creating an eLearning course and using the videos as learning modules.


Sometimes your hour-long video might be perfect for customers who wouldn’t normally commit to watching that long. Creating short, 2-3-minute videos that act as teasers could persuade them to click through to the longer video. That might be just enough to have them want to learn more, or enough to convert them into paying customers. Here’s a teaser video introducing a new product:


Remember those client testimonials you captured after your presentation? You can release them separately on social media or add them as a collection on your website’s client testimonial page. Client testimonials can be some of your best—and free—marketing collateral.

Satisfied customers discussing your product or service on video could be the last selling point that makes a new customer a happy one. When shooting your original content, plan ahead in order to attract quality testimonials. Here’s an example of one you can use as a reference when planning your shoot:


You can also stream the video in its entirety at a set time and keep it on your website for as long as it’s relevant. A webinar can attract new customers who may want to learn more about your product interactively. YouTube allows answering questions during a livestream, which produces a much more powerful experience.

You can edit your videos many ways depending on your marketing goals and where customers interact with your brand online. Whether on your personal website or social media page, videos are scalable and effective ways to market to audiences.