Bloggers at Hootsuite predicted last year that video would be the social media trend to watch in 2016. Indeed, we’ve seen interaction with video skyrocket this year as Instagram launched its “Stories” feature and Facebook added Facebook Live. According to Cisco, video will account for 82 percent of internet traffic by 2020.

Check out these brands that have capitalized best on video this year and the tactics they used to connect with viewers:

  1. Fossil takes its audience behind the scenes. You can find BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” videos on nearly every social media platform. You might dislike Brussels sprouts, but you can’t stop watching a video on the three best ways to make them.

Fossil might be late to the smartwatch game but has capitalized creatively on the public’s love for food, recipes and Buzzfeed’s viral Tasty videos to launch its new product. In its newest campaign, Fossil takes us behind the scenes at Tasty to demonstrate how its smartwatch can make or, if you don’t have one, break your day.

  1. Reebok takes viewers back in time, calculating that the average human lives for 25,915 days and using that number creatively to launch its #HonorYourDays campaign. In a unique storytelling twist, the Reebok 25,915 Days video follows its subject from the present day back to infancy — all via her running experiences. The campaign encourages viewers to think about how their 25,915 days are spent and to make them count.
  1. Clorox brings it home. As marketers, we strive for creative ways to catch audience attention. So why not peek into folks’ homes and help them laugh at potentially frustrating situations? Clorox does this well, depicting everyday mishaps as its Bleachable Moments campaign continues.

In planning your video strategy for 2017, consider these three creative ways that don’t just entertain viewers but really connect with them.