We discussed last week the scalability and cost of substituting videos for instructor-led training in a company or organization. This week, we focus on the efficiency of information retention and time. Here are the remaining five reasons why video-based training is best:

Saving Time

It’s estimated that only 25 percent of instructional content will actually help to improve a new employee’s performance. With video, irrelevant information can be skipped.


You can save many hours of work by creating content for different groups of people or departments and distributing it quickly.


You can break training into shorter videos, which increases engagement and retention of information. Organizing multiple and short training sessions involves considerable additional planning and expense.


When a video is made for an employee or group of employees, it exists forever and can be used whenever needed.


It’s been noted that instructor led training can be intimidating. A video is much less invasive for new employees and allows them to learn comfortably and at their own pace.

Video is far more effective from the perspectives of cost and information retention. When you’re thinking of the best ways to train employees, consider how video can fit into your curriculum.